Wyoming’s Football Schedule Poster Ranked #8

Tom Perry over at the Bleacherreport.com reached out to the media relations offices of all 120 Division I Football Bowl Subdivision teams and requested their football schedule poster for the 2010 season in order to rank them based on a set criteria.   He ranked the 70 or so poster he received based on the following:

1. Clarity (Is it clear who the poster is for?)
2. Schedule (Clear and easy to follow)
3. Photo quality
4. Uniqueness/Creativity
5. Eye appeal
6. “Coolness” factor

This should become an annual ranking… the posters are just fun to look at.  Anyway, Wyoming’s 2010 “Cowboy Tough” football poster came in at number eight! Here are Perry’s comments on Wyoming’s poster:

“I wish I could pinpoint exactly what makes this poster cool, but it just is. If a coach forces his athletic communications department to put every senior on the poster (and I’m just guessing that’s what happened here) then give the folks at Wyoming big props on this one. Intimidating night photo with few other tricks.”

Well Tom, it’s not just the seniors in this poster (only three in fact) but you’re right, it is a cool poster.  Court Vision Creative did an excellent job!  You can read about the creation of the poster here.

However the season ends up at least we can say the Pokes finished in the top 10 in one category!