Game 6: Wyoming, #5 TCU Prediction (Wild Crum Time)

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt is going to get what he’s been waiting for….the Wild Crum.  He talked about it a before the season started.  If you didn’t get a chance to see it, check it out here.  If you didn’t hear already, Austyn Carta-Samuels did not make the trip to Fort Worth for the TCU game with the team.  He was injured in the game against Toledo last week and wasn’t cleared to play this week.  Find out more about the story here and here.   The game tomorrow gets that much more difficult for the Pokes with Crum being named the starter, not that it was going to be easy.  Wyoming did some things right in the first half last week in their win against Toledo.  They were able to execute some plays and move the ball down the field on a few drives.  Then came the second half.  If was painful to watch, probably the way the entire game will be tomorrow against number five TCU.  I just don’t see the Pokes moving the ball against the speedy TCU defense.  Hopefully the Wyoming defense will step up tomorrow and keep the score somewhat respectable.  Unfortunately the Cowboys will probably get corralled tomorrow.  Get well soon ACS, we need your services ASAP!

Wyoming  7   TCU  38