Game 12: Colorado State, Wyoming Prediction

Week 12, already?  The Rams come to town today for the season finale for both teams.  The 102nd meeting of “The Border War” kicks off at noon today at The War.  I’m really not sure what to expect from the Pokes today.  Last week it appeared that they didn’t even want to be on the field when they took a beating against UNLV.  UNLV!? Come on guys, have some more pride than that please.  I believe the Pokes know the importance of this game to fans and alumni.  They will come out this afternoon and put one more win in the bag for the 2010 season.

Looking through some notes, I came across this.  Wyoming has won five games in the last two seasons by less than seven points.  Most recently against Toledo, Oct 2, when they won 20-15.  Here are the others:

Date Opponent Score

9-26-09 UNLV W 30-27 (+3)
10-3-09 at Florida Atlantic W 30-28 (+2)
11-14-09 at San Diego State W 30-27 (+3)
11-27-09 at Colorado State W 17-16 (+1)

10-2-10 at Toledo W 20-15 (+5)

I think the Pokes will make it six today and retain the Bronze Boot!

CSU 17   Wyoming 20