Don’t Lie to Your Mom, Tell Her You’re at the Library

Whether it’s before a UW football game, at halftime or after, The Library Sports Grille and Brewery is always on the list of bars to stop by and grab a drink.  With its close proximity to War Memorial Stadium, you will find many fans leave the game early and make their way to The Library.  Many times it gets so full, they institute the one-out, one-in policy.  Such was the case this year after the Boise State game.  The place was completely insane.  Almost like a scene from Zombieland, fans had surrounded the building attempting to get in to buy more booze from the Library’s package liquor store.  Luckily I was able to get in and get my hands on a case before they were fresh out.

But don’t get me wrong, sure, on game days it can get a little crazy but any other time the restaurant is actually a pretty decent place to eat.

At least Taylor thinks so.  Taylor is a blogger that likes to travel, eat and take pictures.  So he decided to “make a blog that contains all three.”  He visited Laramie this past August and stopped to eat at The Library.  You can see and read about his adventure here.

Taylor also just completed his College Tailgate Tour 2010 where he traveled across the country in search of the best college football tailgate.  If you’re into college football and tailgating, you have to check it out!