Purple Rain?

Don’t you hate those awkward conversations that hair dressers attempt to have with you when cutting your hair? What are you out doing today? Have anything planned for the upcoming holiday? Yeah lady, just cut my hair please. Well, last week I was lucky enough to have another one of these experiences but at least it inspired this post. When getting my hair cut the hair dresser was talking about the 80’s music that was playing on radio. Somehow she started talking about the movie “Purple Rain,” and how it was one of her favorites growing up. I have never seen the movie, nor did I even know it existed. But it reminded me of something – a basketball player that used to suit up for the Cowboys. Don’t tell me you don’t remember David Adams. Yes, David Adams, the scrappy little player, transfer from Washington State and Prince look-a-like.

Here’s a little background story on Purple Rain:

Like many of us have done before, I was listening to Dave Walsh and Kevin McKinney call a game that was down to the wire and Adams was at the line. As the crowd quieted down not to disrupt Adams, a yell came and could be heard loud and clear over the broadcast – “Come on Purple Rain!” I don’t recall if he made the shot or not or if the Pokes even came away with a win that night. I do know, however, that the name stuck and from then on Adams was known as “Purple Rain” within my circle of Pokes Fans.

Whatever happened to Purple Rain? I mean David Adams. Maybe he took a job as a Prince double.